Diaper Girlfriend Confession – Only available at MyDiaperGF


 starring Diaper Girlfriend Winnie Rider

Your girlfriend Winnie has been anxiously waiting for you to get home as she has something very important to talk with you about. A few weeks ago she was browsing your computer and happened to stumble upon some recently visited sites containing adult women wearing diapers. This caught her by a big surprise as wearing diapers is something that has interested her for many years and now she finally found someone she can share her fetish with. Not only is she excited to finally let out her big secret but now you can watch her put on a thick, crinkly diaper since she knows how much you love it too. Winnie gets so turned on as she feels the soft padding against her skin and can’t help but want to touch herself. She notices the hard bulge in your pants and asks you to take it out so the two of you can cum together.

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