Incontinent D-I-A-P-E-R Cheer – Only available at MyDiaperGF


 starring Diaper Girlfriend Agatha Delicious

Agatha is in quite the predicament as she gets ready for cheerleading after just being told she must wear diapers 24/7 by her doctor. She had been slowly starting to wet her pants more and more and didn’t think to seek medical help until it was too late. By the time she arrived the doctor had labeled her as being completely incontinent with no operation available to reverse her loss of complete bladder control. Agatha is now ordered to wear very thick diapers and plastic pants at all times which has led to a difficult situation of how to hide from her friends and class mates. Hopes of a skimpy cheerleading skirt hiding her bulky diaper and crinkly plastic pants is out of the question as she finds out minutes before leaving for the big game. All she can hope is that none of the popular cheerleaders or hot football players notice all the noisy thick plastic puffing out from under her slutty cheer uniform.

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