Trick or Diaper Treat – Only available at MyDiaperGF


 starring Daisy  & Agatha Delicious

On All Hallows’ Eve a cute little Daisy is out trick or treating alone being the bratty snot that she always is. Just as Daisy is about to give up on finding any good candy this year an inviting house comes into view that must have something yummy to give. She notices the front door cracked open as if it was calling her name and sneaks inside to see a giant lollipop as if it was meant to be. What she didn’t realize is her life as the popular brat chick was officially over and her fate of becoming a captive diapergirl was about to be instantly sealed.

**A story about a sexy witch who captures the perfect little pet to transform and train into her crinkly, wet diaper girl forever**

Includes Spankings, Bondage,  Transformations, Magic, Curses, Diaper Changes, Wettings, Forced Diapergirl Orgasms, and a ton of sexy ABDL Discipline in our first Full Length Feature Film.

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Director’s Note : Due to the length of the film Clips4Sale will not allow us to host a 1080p HD format as that size is over their gigabyte limit. If you would like to purchase the movie in the full 1920×1080 mp4 format please contact us directly at and we will be happy to help make that happen.





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Watch Trick or Diaper Treat Here —>




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