Adult Diaper Girl Audition – Only available at MyDiaperGF

Winnie Rider Diaper Girl

 starring Diaper Girl Winnie Rider

Cutie pie Winnie has just come home from being interviewed by an adult diaper girl website to become their new padded poster girl. She feels a bit embarrassed and shy about modeling diapers and was given an assortment of different brands to take home and try-out. Your wonderful girlfriend Winnie knows just how much you love diaper girls and wants you to help her overcome her diaper wearing shyness.

Winnie makes your dreams come true and gives you the first show of just how sexy her pussy and ass looks in an extra thick Dependeco, Tena Maxi-Slip and Abena M4 Diapers. What she didn’t expect was to instantly transform into a diaper loving girlfriend from falling in love with the feeling of thick, crinkly diapers rubbing against her wet, moist clit,

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Winnie Rider Diaper Girl

Winnie Diaper Girl

Watch “Adult Diaper Girl Audition” Here —>



Winnie Rider Diaper Girl

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