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Diaper Discipline

 starring Diaper Girlfriend Gigi Allens

Your super hot diapered girlfriend wakes up to find you were a naughty boy and didn’t wear your diaper to sleep. Gigi is mighty upset and takes matters into her own hands as she grabs your ankles and forces you into a thick diaper just like hers. You try to protest but she is still the boss in the relationship and grabs your legs to force your naked little butt up. Just as Gigi finishes padding up your naughty bits she gets the urge to pee and climbs on top of you to wet her extra crinkly diaper. Her diaper is now soaked and she thinks it is only fair that yours should be too!

Gigi grabs her powerful vibrator and massages it all over your diapered cock until you make a huge sticky mess to please your diaper girlfriend. It’s too bad your fresh diaper isn’t so fresh anymore as Gigi forces you out of bed to get ready for work. Since you were a naughty boy and didn’t diaper yourself before bed she makes go to work and spend all day in your wet & gooey mess Don’t worry though as your loving girlfriend will have a fresh, thick and crinkly diaper waiting for your soaked butt when you get home.

– a Sexy Diaper Punishment POV for your viewing pleasure!! –

Watch Here —> http://clips4sale.com/89110/15479190



Diaper Punishment - Gigi allens

Diaper Girlfriend - Gigi Allens


Watch Diaper Punishment at it’s finest Here —> http://clips4sale.com/89110/15479190

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