Transformed into a Diaper Girl – Only available at MyDiaperGF

Diaper Girlfriend Ela Darling

 Starring Diaper Girlfriend Ela Darling

Your girlfriend Ela has been very accepting of your Diaper Fetish but still wants nothing to do with it. You’ve tried over and over again to convince her to wear a diaper but nothing you do or say has changed her mind……until now! With the magical power of mind control you instantly transform Ela into the perfect diaper loving girlfriend that you’ve always wanted. Your dream has finally come true as you watch her get completely turned on and aroused while putting on a thick, crinkly diaper for the very first time.  She can’t stop touching herself as the diaper feels like heaven against her sweet pussy and ass and continues to caress her padded clit to orgasm.

Ela is now completely obsessed with wearing diapers 24/7 as she just can’t get enough of that wonderful thick, padded feeling spreading her legs apart. She is more beautiful than you ever could’ve imagined in a diaper as she stands tall and proud to be your sexy diaper addicted girlfriend. Now you both get to wear and share your love of extra thick diapers together for the rest of your life!

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My Diaper Girlfriend Ela

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