Desperate Diaper Predicament – Only available at MyDiaperGF

Desperate Diaper Girl Crystal Clark

 starring Sexy Diaper Girlfriend Crystal Clark

Your bratty girlfriend Crystal has refused time after time to wear diapers even after begging her during the last year of your relationship. You don’t give up though and decide to force the sexy brat into the perfect diaper predicament that will leave her no choice but to finally wrap her cute butt in a thick, crinkly diaper. In fact she will not only be forced to wear a diaper but will even have to wet it after you lock her in the bedroom when she is desperate to pee.
Crystal can’t take it anymore and must put on her first diaper before her bladder completely bursts all over the place. To her surprise she ends up loving every second of the padded diaper feeling wrapped tightly around her sweet, young pussy and ass. The warm sensation of her thick Molicare diaper swelling up against her clit is like nothing she has felt before. Crystal instantly becomes completely addicted to wearing diapers and proudly becomes the sexiest diaper wetting girlfriend of your dreams.

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