Diaper Edging Orgasms with Lyra Law – Only available at MyDiaperGF

 starring Diaper Girlfriend Lyra Law


Your very kinky girlfriend Lyra Law loves being completely encased in super thick and crinkly diapers just as much as you do. She knows how quickly you want to make a sticky mess in your diaper especially when her Dry 24/7 is soaking wet and covered by a sexy red layer of plastic pants. Lyra isn’t going to let you cum whenever you feel like it anymore as it’s time you learn about self-control when you have a smoking hot diapered girlfriend right in front of you.

Every boy should know that girls always cum first as Lyra Law starts your training to become her perfect diapered boyfriend who obeys and follows her every command. She orders you to slowly start edging your crinkly, padded cock while she masturbates and teases you in her extra wet and perfectly diapered covered ass.  The longer Lyra orders you to edge your diapered cock without making a mess, the more intense your orgasm will be when your sweet but controlling diaper girlfriend finally gives you permission to cum. By the end of her teasing torment you will be thanking her for the lesson in self control and only be allowed to cum when she gives you permission. Just the way she wants it!

Watch “Diaper Edging Orgasms” —> https://clips4sale.com/89110/17962418



You can follow Lyra on Twitter via :  https://twitter.com/lyralawxxx

Watch “Diaper Edging Orgasms” with Lyra Law Here —> https://clips4sale.com/89110/17962418



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      Thanks for your patience on waiting for a new movie to be added 🙂 MyDiaperGF is unfortunately a side project at this time apart from my full-time job and don’t get much time to focus on it as I would like. This was a much longer hiatus than it should’ve been and will getting back to uploading a new movie at least once a month if not twice if time allows. I may be hiring an assistant soon as I have a backlog of a ton of lovely galleries and movies I am dying to share with everyone!!! So once again thanks for your patience and for following and supporting MyDiaperGF *crinkle crinklez*


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